Namayiana Women's Self-Help Group Jewelry and Artifacts Store

Jewelry and Artifacts Store opened by Namayiana Women’s Self Help Group

Thanks to the generosity of Pastoralist Child Foundation supporters, The Namayiana Women’s Self-Help Group has opened a Jewelry and Artifacts Store.

The shop – which is close to the entrance to the National Park in Archer’s Post, Samuru County – will sell to the many tourists who visit the area.
The self-help group will now earn income for their families and send more girls to school, helping avoid FGM and early child marriage, giving their children a better life.

Pastoralist Child Foundation supporters are transforming the lives of women who decided that female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage should no longer be part of their tradition and believe real empowerment comes through education.

The store was built thanks to a grant from Spirit in Action

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