Sisters Project at Ntilal Village

Pastoralist Child Foundation and The Samburu Project “Sisters Project”

Pastoralist Child Foundation in collaboration with The Samburu Project’s “Sisters Project” facilitated a workshop on July 11, 2017 at Ntilal Village.
The participants were women from Ntilal Village, Lolgerded Village, and other nearby villages in Samburu County.

Sixty-five (65) women participated and were eager to learn about topics that affect themselves and their families. The full day workshop curriculum comprised:

    • FGM and its origin, myths, and harmful effects
    • Child marriage and teen pregnancy
    • Leadership, conflict prevention & resolution, and the importance of education
    • The right to equality for Pastoralist women
    • The right to decision making in the family and community, and increasing women’s leadership in sexual and reproductive rights movements at the community level
    • The right to life and to be free from harm
    • The right to personal freedom and recognition
    • The right to know and learn about sexual & reproductive health and formal education
    • The right to learn about management, myths, and misconceptions of HIV/AIDS