Unicef-Kenya is a major funder of PCF’s workshops, community dialogues, school visits, and youth sports tournaments. Thanks to the funding, PCF is reaching thousands of girls, boys, teens, morans (young warriors), women, men, elders, village chiefs, former circumcisers, teachers, religious leaders, healthcare workers, social workers, motorbike riders, law enforcement, and local government employees. PCF’s anti-FGM advocacy has been instrumental in decreasing the rate of FGM in Samburu East Sub-County by 30% since 2012! Progress continues. We witnessed village chiefs throughout Samburu County sign a declaration to end FGM.  The pastoralist community intends to end this harmful practice. PCF is a leading organization in this effort. 

Every girl deserves to live in a world free from gender-based violence and discrimination, where she has access to quality education, health care, and future employment opportunities.  PCF annually celebrates International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (February 6), International Day of the African Child (June 16), International Day of the Girl (October 11).

Girls and boys learn about the importance of gender equality. Communities thrive when girls and women have equal access to education, jobs, and healthcare.  

Students compete for the coveted PCF trophies during our annual youth soccer and volleyball tournaments in Samburu County! Congratulations to the winning team!!

PCF emphasizes the importance of girls’ education. Quality education empowers girls by giving them choices, alleviates poverty, and yields great returns in socio-economics, health, population, and politics. It not only leads to increased income for girls themselves, but also for nations as a whole.  

Unicef-Kenya sponsors youth sports tournaments that bring great excitement and peaceful competitiveness to Samburu County. 

Ready! Set! Play! This team is ready to win!

Teachers are respected pillars of the community and are helping us end FGM by educating and mentoring students about the harmful effects of FGM. We say, “Ashe oleng!” – “Thank you” in the Samburu language. 

Pastoralist women make the most beautiful beaded jewelry in the world! The Namayiana Women’s Self-help Group in Samburu County is grateful for the grant they received from Spirit in Action – Funds were used to purchase beads for their jewelry business. The profits earned from their sales enable the women to buy school supplies and uniforms for their children.  

The Namayiana Women’s Self-help Group was gifted 6 sewing machines. The women are learning how to sew dresses, skirts, shirts, shawls, and washable/reusable sanitary napkins. 

Boys, men, morans (young warriors), elders, village chiefs, and religious leaders are willing and effective partners in PCF’s anti-FGM advocacy. Many of them promise not to make their daughters, sisters, and other female relatives undergo FGM after attending workshops and dialogues where they learn that FGM is illegal, unnecessary, violence against girls and women, a human rights violation, and physically and psychologically harmful. How wonderful to hear men proclaim, “No More FGM!” 

Women listen attentively to learn about their rights and how to access available community healthcare for their families.  

Elizabeth Lemoyog (in black and red dress) is PCF’s FGM Expert and Community Mobilizer since our founding in 2012. She invites stakeholders to attend our workshops and community dialogues to learn and understand why it’s critical to end FGM. 

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